On Wednesday, we used the last daylight for a short climbing session at the Retschelfels with Chris and Flo. Coming back to the Retschel was part of a deal between Flo and me: Coming back over and over again until both of us took down ‚TNT‘ (8b+). I did it last time, so it was Flo’s turn to take it down.

On the ride to the Retschel, Flo talked about his training deficits and that he wasn’t rock climbing for weeks now – all the kind of stupid stuff climbers talk. All climbers are always complaining about their weaknesses and how less they are training, but you have to know that it is never true: everybody is training as hard as possible to be in shape. And so was Flo: after a single warm up go, he took down ‚TNT‘ super fast and very solid 🙂 .

For me, it was time to try ‚Fairplay‘ (8b) one more time. In ‚Fairplay‘ you have to push your body weight over a sticky heel hook.Last year I tried it once at pushed as hard as possible – and with a loud ‚CRACK‘ my knee broke down. I never wanted to try it again – but this was last year 🙂 . This time it felt way better and I was able to take down ‚Fairplay‘ in a few tries in the last sunlight of the day. In two hours we closed our open projects at the Retschel. I am looking forward to the coming autumn to try some new challenging projects …

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