After climbing in Franken a few weeks ago I was super stoked to see more. Together with Lulu, who is motivated to Franken all the time, I took the first possibility to spend a free weekend in Franken. The weather forecast promised sunny days and pleasantly warm temperatures. And indeed, it was wonderful to see Franken in spring with all plants getting greener and starting to bloom.

On the car ride to Franken, Lulu complained that she always tries a lot of projects, but rarely sends one, because she always changes the climbing spot before finishing the project. One of her started but never sent projects was ‚SMS‘ [8a+] at the ‚Jungfernriss‘ in Frankenjura. So we just decided to climb our first day there to try it again.

‚SMS‘ is a quite long route with the crux at the very bottom between the third and the fifth bolt. But even the top part provides, a challenging crack sequence with a long run out where you can easily fall out if you are not focused enough. So it is quite challenging from the very beginning until the top. But for me, such challenging routes are very valuable and remarkable, because you will remember the sent for a long time.

I was struggling a little bit with the open pockets in the lower part, but sticking it in my second Go, I did my very best to climb it to the top. And Lulu followed one Go later of complete the double ascent taking down one of her projects in Franken.

Afterward, Frieder and I had a short glance at ‚Mastermind‘ [8b+] next to ‚SMS‘ which may seem to be quite a nice route for the next trip. We finished our Franken weekend climbing some easier, but very long and enjoyable routes at the ‚Püttlachtaler Wand‘ on the second day. Thanks a lot, Lulu and Frieder, for this super cool weekend … 🙂

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