Tough School

Chironico in Switzerland is somehow a love-hate for me. It’s a wonderful spot to spent time bouldering and the boulder problems are excellent. And even though I did quite a lot if boulders there in the last few years, I struggled a lot with the style there like nowhere else. But as you should always see the good things: there is a lot of potential for improvement and I can learn more anywhere else 🙂

This time, we wanted to try ‚Delusion of grandeur‘ (8a+) – a powerful overhanging traverse ending a super high top slap. Paul was super motivated for this boulder project and asking me for over year to try it. So motivated that I had not even put on my shoes until he had done already every single move. For me, all the moves felt pretty impossible at the beginning. But surprisingly it got way better during the day and we were quite confident to give a serious go on the following day …

Being happy to be in Chironico for the first time since nearly half a year and giving this super long boulder a lot of tries the day before, we were super exhausted the next day. Even though Paul was pretty close reaching the top slap in one try, we had no chance to climb it on this day. Another boulder problem for the undone-project list – Chironico is a tough spot.

In the end, we decided to take a short look at the Schattental and try some easier boulder problems. A good decision as the most important at climbing should always be to climb some nice moves instead of chasing a hard grade (a lesson that I learned the hard way in the last 20 years 🙂 ). I have never been in the Schattental sector of Chironico, but I liked the boulders there – especially ‚Sollbruchstelle‘ (7b) with a fancy feed forward move.

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