Voralpsee in Switzerland was one of the climbing spots which impressed me the most in the last year. It’s near enough to climb there at a weekend, the climbing there is superb and the place itself is really idyllic. Since our last visit, I was looking forward to the next opportunity to return to this place.

And driving home from Cadarese with Lulu seemed to be such an opportunity. We both had some days off and the Voralpsee was on our way home, so we decided to spend a few days there.

First, we were surprised by the amount of snow in the mountains around the lake there, but the warm sun melted away most of it in the following days in remarkable speed. Indeed, the conditions were perfect and we were quite happy to have this idyllic place for our own. At least that’s what we thought at the beginning. Then Babsi Zangerl, Jacobo Larcher, Alex Luger, Michi Wohlleben, Nadine Wallner, … arrived and we were surrounded by super strong climbing professionals.

At first, we (maybe me a little bit more than Lulu) were pretty intimidated, but after a short time, we got used to being the ‚beginners‘ at the crack. We both fought hard in our projects but were not successful and after five days climbing in a row, we were also pretty done… But the more, we enjoyed seeing those climbing pros climbing – especially Babsi Zangerl really impressed me showing the men how to climb …

After three days at the Voralpse, we had to leave after some beautiful days at this wonderful places ( one has to admit that Switzerland has really a lot of beautiful places).

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